This course has relevant, engaging and up-to-date content that reflects contemporary language study. With exciting text and data-based sources of  language, the specification introduces the study of English in its various forms and contexts, with the learning of methods for analysing language  underpinning all elements of the course. Subject content One component of the course… Read more »

This course brings together aspects of two other English A Levels, A Level English Literature and A Level English Language, which you have probably studied as separate GCSE subjects at school. There are real advantages in continuing your English studies on an integrated course. If you are as interested in non-fiction and non-literary texts as… Read more »

The study of A Level English Literature will focus on reading and analysing texts within a shared context. You will be encouraged to explore the relationships between various texts and the specific contexts within which they are written, received and understood. Studying these poetry, prose and  drama works enables you to investigate and connect them,… Read more »