Social Sciences

Health and Social Care provides an opportunity to explore how health affects individuals in society and investigate areas of health promotion such as sexual health, alcohol and drug abuse and smoking, as well as the chance to be involved in a small health promotion campaign. You will also meet health professionals through talks and visits… Read more »

Psychology is the study of human behaviour and human experience. A Level Psychology offers an engaging and effective introduction to the field. On this course you will find out about the methods used by psychologists and the theories that underpin their explanations of human behaviour and human interactions with the world. Psychologists apply their theories… Read more »

A Level Sociology provides an exciting opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the world around you and reflect on social issues that are often relevant to your own experiences. It opens up opportunities for frequent and fascinating discussions, considering questions like: what impact do digital forms of communication have on social relationships? How do… Read more »

In Religion, Philosophy and Ethics you will explore life’s ‘big questions’. Philosophers and theologians throughout history have asked questions which still challenge minds today. In Religion, Philosophy and Ethics you will critically study the nature of reality and explore ethical dilemmas. Subject Content In the religious strand of the course you will study Christian theology…. Read more »

We don’t always like politicians and the things that governments do… but the business of politics touches every aspect of our lives. Whilst we might criticise governments for some of their policies, it has to be better than having no government at all. Society just wouldn’t function without an elected body to decide,say, what taxes… Read more »